Comparing Gmail to Inbox

So, I have been kind of torn lately between which email app to use for my main email client. I am torn between the standard Gmail or the new beta Inbox by Gmail. I am planning on going through both apps today and showing the difference between them that I like and dislike.


Gmail has been around for quite a while and I’ve been a pretty big fan for quite some time. I believe that I got my original gmail address back around 2000. I still use this email address today and have all of my main stuff going there. I believe that I forward something like 3 or 4 other email addresses to this account. Even with using the same email address for so long, I still have plenty of space to store all of my emails. Currently, I’m only using about 26% of my storage. So, there’s plenty to go around.

With Gmail, I love how the filter system works and that I can setup my email to divert past my inbox rather easily and go straight into folders instead of having to bundle it and swipe it away. This means that some of my junk and stuff I don’t need to see for a bit doesn’t even come up for me unless I start looking for it.

Labels work really well in Gmail and I’ve setup quite a few of them. If you haven’t used them before, they are similar to your folders in Outlook. I can move them in there by drag and drop or automate them using my filters.

One of the best features about Gmail is their spam detection. I have not had very many issues with my incoming email going to spam when I didn’t want it too. There is the occasional email that gets past their filter, but it’s very easy to mark something as spam and Gmail remembers it.


Inbox by Gmail has integrated many of Gmail’s best traits and built onto it. They tried to redo the way that we interact with email and our calendar and our tasks that we do from day to day.

My absolute favorite feature is the ability to “snooze” emails or reminders to different times or places and then be notified when that event arrives. This makes moving my work emails back easier when it’s a timed deal or I am looking to follow up with someone. I don’t use this as much for my personal email though.

The reminders are very nice as well because I can put things like remembering to change the water filter and doing follow up calls on here instead of cluttering my Google Calendar.

Inbox by Gmail is still in it’s beta stages but it still is not completely finished. Some things that I miss that it lacks is the ability to attach a signature file at the bottom of my messages automatically. I’m sure they will incorporate the use of this before public launch though. Another thing that irks me is that I had to re-set up all my filters because they didn’t transition correctly from Gmail. Although bundling is easy, it does take a bit of time to retrain the system to learn my way of doing email. Also, some of my emails that are filtered through Gmail don’t show up except in the all mail section of Inbox. So, if I want to go all in with Inbox, I’ll have to remove some more filters.


Overall, I am enjoying the freedom of swiping and snoozing with Inbox but am still holding on to my Gmail roots. I find myself gravitating towards Gmail when I am on a desktop, but using Inbox more when on a mobile device do to the loose flexibility of the types of email I send out from each device. I think that Inbox will definitely win my favor once they start integrating more features of Gmail into it like signature support and as I get more of my email bundled correctly.


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