Walker Stalker Con Chicago 2015 (Day 2)

After getting a good night’s sleep after Day 1 of our convention, I got up the next morning ready to do it all over again. We had coffee before we left and discussed our game plan for the day and how we would best use our time while at the convention. I wasn’t all that interested in waiting in lines for all the actors, but wanted to watch more of the panels.

We started out by heading over a the local Starbucks for breakfast. I got the all new double-smoked bacon, cheddar & egg sandwich with a refill of my favorite blend of Starbucks coffee, Gold Coast Dark Roast. After fueling up there, we drove out to Navy Pier, which took about a half hour.

This time when we got there, there wasn’t nearly the line from the first day. We got up right by where the entrance doors were and waited for about a half hour since we were early.

A selfie in front of the entrance doors before they let general admission in.

After we got in, we went around and took some pictures in front of some of the cool banners. I liked it that we were able to come back the second day this year so that I could take in more of the artwork and the little things that made this place shine!Edit

A banner in front of the podcasting stage.
Banner on the back of the podcasting stage.

These banners around the podcasting stage were very cool. Lots of great pictures from all the different cons that they have done!

Found these guys doing pics and thought they did a great job on their costumes, so I wanted to get a picture with them.

After that, we went back to where Nikki and Andrew were waiting in line to meet with Melissa Hutchison, who does the voice acting for the Telltale Game’s character Clementine. We got to meet her last year, but Andrew loves the game and wanted to meet her as well. She was great and gave us a great autograph and a little time with her.

Melissa Hutchison signing a Skybound Clementine figurine for Andrew

“Andrew, Thanks for taking care of Clem 🙂 Still…Not…Bitten!”

After meeting her, we went back as a group to the cosplay pictures and found that Glenn had joined the party! Carol was there too, but she ran off before our picture.

We went back and got a group photo with Glenn, Rick, and Daryl cosplayers.

After that, Trey and I went and watched a couple panels while mom, Nikki, and Andrew went and waited in line to try to meet up with Melissa McBride (Carol) to get her autograph. Although they waited for upwards of 3 hours, they were unsuccessful, due to her getting to her booth late, chatting with fans for very long periods, and leaving her booth early multiple times. While waiting in line at one point, they had some roleplay going on with the actor that played Martinez and a cosplay Governor. They were throwing out t-shirts and other fan gear as well as having a nerf gun war with the other actors. It was pretty cool because all the fans looked like a giant zombie heard coming after the RV!

Zombie herd (the fans) are attacking the RV in order to get a bunch of free stuff!

After that, we went over to the panels section and waited for Greg Nicotero’s panel for about a half hour so that we would get some great seats. The wait paid off because Trey and I ended up getting about 6th row. He went on to show a video of all the work that he’s been a part of since 1988. And there is A LOT!

Greg Nicotero answering a question at his panel.

After Greg’s panel, we walked around to view some more vendors and hit up the Skybound booth to get some more gear at discounted rates. All in all, we had a great time at the con and will definitely be going back next year!

I drove everyone back to my mom’s house to drop half the crew off and to refill on coffee and then headed home!

My mom and I after day 2 of the con! So glad she could go and we could spend the weekend together!

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