Walker Stalker Con (Day 1)

This weekend has been a ton of fun! I got to get out to Chicago for the annual Walker Stalker Convention. It’s mainly for Walking Dead fans, but it is also labeled as a zombie, horror, and sci-fi convention that included the likes of Breaking Bad, Lost, and a few other shows. Originally, I was planning to take my wife and my 9 month old, but she got a double ear infection with a mild case of bronchitis so I ended up being my buddy Trey!

Here we are geeking out while waiting in line to get in.

After we got in, we immediately hit up the merch booth to get our con swag! I got a Walker Stalker Con beanie and also ended up purchasing a Skybound official zipper hoodie.

I was really happy with my purchase as it is a very comfortable hoodie and I love the comic logo.

After getting our merch, we headed over to Dale’s RV that they had setup and waited in line to get in and look around and take pictures. They did an excellent job on this replica. Plus, we got to see where James & Eric actually record their podcasts.

and of course I had to jump behind the mic and take a goofy pic:

Pretending I know what I’m doing!

After coming back out, we were able to take a group photo in front of it:

We then headed out to start meeting some of the cast that everyone wanted to see. Our first stop ended up being Denise Crosby, who played Mary on The Walking Dead. My father-in-law, John wanted to meet her because of her role on Star Trek too. She was interesting to talk to. I commented about her standing in front of the grill at Terminus and building the suspense and she made a joke about creating a commercial to sell Weber Grills.

After meeting her, Andrew, our 7 year old buddy, wanted to meet Chandler Riggs, who plays Carl on the show. We headed over there only to find out that he had a very long line of teeny boppers with the same idea. We were able to get a ticket to hold our place so that we could go do other things.

We ended up heading over to the panel area to see the “Abraham’s Army” panel. I didn’t know that Josh McDermitt was a comedian but he did have the crowd going pretty good. I have a newfound respect for that group after seeing the panel and understanding a little more about their roles. We were on the right side of the panel seating area so I wasn’t able to get a very good shot of them though.

After that panel, we decided to head to lunch. Since everyone and their mom decided to go to McDonald’s, we decided to hit up Harry Carey’s, which still had an hour long wait for a booth. Here’s a picture with my father-in-law, John:

After lunch we decided to go back and see about getting to finally meet Carl. We were able to enter the line finally and got up to see him. He was very nice and seemed to handle the crowd well for only being 15. Andrew got his autograph and thought it was very cool.

After meeting Carl, we walked through the vendor area to check out some of the exhibits. There were quite a few artists and haunted houses as well as t-shirt places. The main ones that stuck out to me was this place that used a green screen to take your picture and put it on scifi backgrounds and print for you as well as a movie venture where they were trying to get 5,000 people to fund the movie through kickstarter.  Here is one of the displays for a zombie haunted house:

After wading through the vendor area, we headed back over to the stage to see the cosplay contest. They had three categories: Adults, Zombies, and kids. Here is a picture of the big screen of the top 3 winners from the Adults:

Herschel won 1st place, Michonne and the pets got 2nd, and Glenn/Maggie got 3rd.

After the cosplay panel, we ended up heading back to the autograph area and got in line for Greg Nicotero. We ended up waiting about 45 minutes and got to meet him, get his autograph for $40 and take our own picture with him. We got to talk to him for probably about 5 minutes as well.

Meet up with Greg Nicotero!

I can’t believe all the work that he’s been a part of. He’s got his name on several movies and you can tell that he loves what he does!

After meeting him, we wrapped things up and headed back to my mom’s house to spend the night. We ended up watching episode 10 (Them) over again and started “28 Days Later” while we had pizza. We didn’t finish the movie since we were so tired though from all the walking around that day.


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