Nostalgia Overload: Toejam And Earl’s Creator Is Kickstarting A Sequel



Remember Toejam and Earl? It’s the game that taught the Sega Genesis-owning kids of the early 90s the value of a funky fresh bass track.

Now it’s back — that is, assuming enough people throw money at it on Kickstarter.

For those who never played it, Toejam and Earl was a top-down action game wherein the game’s namesake characters ran around randomly generated levels and tried to collect pieces of their wrecked spaceship. It wasn’t the hugest commercial success, but the game’s absurd humor, killer soundtrack, and crazy fun multiplayer helped to turn it into something of a cult hit over the years.

Greg Johnson, one of the two guys behind the original Toe Jam and Earl, has just launched a $400,000 Kickstarter campaign for a sequel he’s dubbed Toe Jam & Earl: Back In The Groove.

The quest: to make a Toejam & Earl game in the same…

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