Apple Watch is a LOT more water resistant than I expected!

Wow! The apple watch looks a lot more water resistant than I initially thought! Check out this guy taking a shower, spraying the watch directly, and even going for a swim with the watch! I am looking forward to getting mine and seeing it work and putting it to the test!

And another torture test done by CNET:

I am really interested in how this will enable people to take their fitness to the next level! I think it will be safe enough for swimmers, marathon runners and the like to be able to use successfully while going through endurance testing. Can’t wait to see more in the future of how well the Apple Watch performs!

What are you going to do to test out your Apple Watch if you are getting one?

By the way, I originally found this video through a blog I commonly read: The Apple Watch is water resistant, but that shouldn’t come as a surprise


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