Take Selfies With Your Rear Facing Camera!

Like selfies, but hate having to take pictures with your inferior front facing camera? Wish you could use your best camera to capture those great shots of yourself with or without friends? Look no further, SelfieX – Automatic Back Camera Selfie by Vito Technology Inc. is here!

I found this app from reading recommendations from other blogs about different apps that might be helpful. I thought this one looked fun and know a lot of people that are into selfies so I thought I would try it out and let others know about it.

From the app store description:

“The app lets you take selfies with the better rear camera of the iPhone. The problem is, when you turn the screen away, you can’t see if your face is framed the way you want it to be. This app voices directions to guide your framing: right, left, up or down.

When you aim the iPhone at your face at the right angle, the app automatically takes a photo.

Turn your phone back to make quick edits (crop and tune brightness, contrast, saturation) and share.

How it works:

  1. Aim you iSight camera at yourself
  2. Listen to the instructions while catching the angle
  3. Turn your device back
  4. Edit, save and share

Vito Technology Inc is the same developer that brought you Star Walk and Solar Walk.

I am not a huge selfie taker, but I do occasionally like to take them here or there. One of the main reasons I don’t like taking selfies is due to the quality of the front facing camera. This app allows me to do so much more with it’s great face detection and the fact that it automatically snaps the picture when you are in the camera’s sights. I love that I can get better quality out of the rear facing camera and still get those fun selfie shots!

The app is simple to use, just place the yellow square wherever you want the app to detect your face and aim and follow the voice prompts, it captures the picture when you have it aimed correctly!

selfie x screenshot
Here you can see what the app looks like. At the top left, you can choose your Flash options. Bottom left: Camera Roll Bottom right: Settings Yellow rectangle: Placement for face detection

And here you can see a couple pictures I’ve taken since getting the app:

Selfie X picSelfie X pic2

If you are looking to capture more depth and get higher resolution selfie pictures, I would highly recommend you download “SelfieX – Automatic Back Camera Selfie” for free and see how it can improve your selfie game today!


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