I got my Apple Watch and I absolutely love it!

Apple WatchSo, I finally got my Apple Watch on May 19th! I have been using the watch daily from the time I get up to the time I go to bed. There are many nice things that the watch is able to provide that are not necessary, but are very helpful.

Battery Life

My battery life has seen a substantial improvement since getting my watch. Since I am taking more and more of my notifications on my watch and not on my phone, it is saving precious battery and allowing the devices to last all day. On an average day, I will put the watch on at around 5:30 am and take my phone off the charger and not put them back on the charger until after 10 pm. And I have seen my watch battery with around 30% battery still, on average. My phone still generally has about 25% left.

Before getting the watch, I would be down to around 50% or lower by the time I left work, usually around 5pm. I would usually charge my phone on the way home to make sure I had enough battery to last me until I went to bed.


One of my favorite things about the watch are the notifications and the fact that I don’t have to pull my phone out each time I get one anymore. I am able to just swipe it away on my watch if I want. It really gives me a protective buffer to be able to triage my notifications and only take action on the most important ones.

There is still some room for improvement as some notifications are not actionable, but as time goes by, I think we will see more development in that area. The main ones I’m thinking about are Facebook and MapMyFitness. I would love to see the ability to like the notifications and posts from others.


I have never been a huge user of Siri, the voice guidance personal assistant until the Apple Watch. I am very pleased with how well it can translate my talking into messages. I have grown to use my watch to send and receive messages more and more and am getting better at getting Siri to understand everything I’m dictating every day. She still gets words here and there wrong, but for the most part, is fairly accurate. The experience overall with messages has been a very good one.

Watch Faces

I am a creature of habit when it comes to my watch faces. Actually, from the day that I got my watch, I have almost exclusively used the Modular watch face with the yellow coloring that you see at the top of my post. In fact, the only thing that I’ve changed is I’ve moved the activity rings to the bottom right and put the sunset in the middle.

I have played around with the other faces a little bit, but have found that most of them just don’t display as much of the content as the modular theme. I really enjoy having all the data at a glance of my wrist.


So, I am an avid Waze fan. I am actually a King Wazer because I have used the app so much. However, since getting my Apple Watch, I have been using Apple Maps almost exclusively because of the way the glance works. I love being able to see how far until my next turn and being able to get a nice little tap on my wrist just in time to make my turn.

If Waze updates their app to work with Apple Watch, I will gladly try it out. But, I will probably be using Apple Maps for the foreseeable future.


Glances in general are pretty awesome, at least the main ones that are done by Apple. There are quite a few glances to look through too.

  • Find my phone
  • Music Player
  • Heart Rate
  • Power Reserve (allows you to activate and also see the battery %)
  • Activity
  • Calendar
  • Weather
  • Stocks
  • Maps
  • World Clocks

I also have a couple of 3rd party ones including Seven and Accuweather, although because they still run off the iPhone, they do run a bit slower.

So, is the Apple Watch necessary when you have an iPhone? In a word, no. It is definitely just an accessory and it is just there to help make your life more convienient as you go through your day. I love that I can check my notifications throughout the day and not have to whip out my phone every time. At this time, I will continue to wear my watch every possible chance I get as well!


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